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We are providers of food packaging solutions with over 30 years of experience in the industry. We specialize in all types of multilayer, monolayer, and recyclable polymeric materials for
the packaging in MAP (modified atmosphere) / Vacuum used in all the ranges of existing packaging machines.

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Ttpack Philosophy

Our 360º service model allows us to offer our clients the best packaging solutions from the initial conception of the project to its industrialization, providing them with an adapted supply chain that covers their most immediate and strategic needs.

Bobina film Termoformado Termopack

Our Packaging Solutions

film termoformado


Films designed for the thermoforming process, ensuring perfect moldability on the machine and subsequent sealing.

Envasado en termosellado

Heat Sealing

Films with a wide range of options for heat sealing on customized

Envasado Flow pack


Films for packaging in any horizontal/vertical flow-pack packaging machine.

Envasado Skin film


Films that conform tightly to the product like a second skin.

What do you want to pack?


Packaging solutions for meat ensure optimal protection against external factors such as air contact, thus maintaining its juiciness, color, and flavor for a longer time.


In dairy product packaging, we focus on maintaining the freshness and qualities of milk, yogurt, cheese, and other dairy products.

Ready Meals

Thanks to the sealing finish, food is protected from moisture and deterioration, while the design allows for easy opening and heating.

Fish and Seafood

Our barrier materials protect products from oxidation and contamination while allowing proper air circulation to extend their shelf life and maintain their quality.

Pet food

Packaging solutions for pet food are designed to preserve the freshness, quality, and nutrients of the products, ensuring optimal nutrition for pets.

Bread, Pastry, Cookies, and Sweets

The design of the packaging facilitates handling and preservation, while the barrier properties maintain their quality for a longer time.

Fruits and Vegetables

Preserving the freshness and quality of fruits and vegetables through packaging designed with protective atmosphere technology to create an appropriate environment that extends their shelf life while maintaining their freshness and visual appearance.

Liquids and Sauces

We understand the importance of preserving the flavors and textures of liquids and sauces. Hermetic packaging solutions are designed to ensure the properties of your liquid and sauce products.


We offer packaging solutions for various sectors such as medical, automotive, and others.

Environmental Consciousness: Our Vision for Recyclable Packaging Editorial

We recognize the importance of addressing the challenges related to plastic usage and are committed to promoting responsible practices to tackle this issue.

Discover our range of 100% recyclable products or products made from 100% post-consumer recycled materials.

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