Quality Policy

Quality Policy of Termoformado Termopack, S.L.

The organization TERMOFORMADO TERMOPACK S.L.U (hereinafter TTPACK) aims to ensure that the quality of the products it supplies meets the expectations of each customer, ensuring their absolute satisfaction. To achieve this, the following quality principles are established, declared, and embraced:

  1.  The final quality of the supply and distribution service of plastic film is the result of planned  and systematic  actions in PREVENTION, DETECTION, CORRECTION, AND CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT applied  throughout the product/service cycle.

  2. Internal and external context analysis is conducted to define the organization’s strategy for managing identified risks and opportunities.

  3. Contractual requirements, customer needs, expectations, and the interests of other stakeholders are the basic criteria  for establishing the quality  standard applied  to all our products and services.

  4. Compliance with all current and applicable legislation for activities  affecting quality is a priority to achieve continuous improvement in all products and services offered by TTPACK.TTPACK

  5. Quality requirements are available  to our customers.

  6. Quality is applied in all areas of TTPACKand each  area/department must assume  its applicable functions/responsibilities.

  7. Every TTPACK employee  is responsible for quality in their work area. The Quality Manager is also responsible for promoting the implementation of the Quality Policy, defining  objectives, and monitoring their compliance.

  8. The implementation of the Quality Policy requires the active integration of all TTPACK personnel. For this reason, Management considers MOTIVATION AND TRAINING FOR QUALITY a priority.

  9. To communicate the Quality Policy   to all  TTPACK employees the Quality Manager.  conducts informative sessions,  documenting them through corresponding records. The established Quality Policy    is printed and made available for  the   consultation  by   by all personnel in TTPACK

  10. To communicate the Quality Policy to our customers, TTPACK uses  the following methods:

    Publication on the website: www.ttpack.es
    – Quality Policy (T1204) is systematically  attached to all  customer documentation,  among other documents considered   of interest.  

  11. Effective internal and external communication of aspects affecting quality at all levels is crucial. The commitment is made to establish the necessary mechanisms to ensure this communication is effective.

T1204 Rev.1-2024 Quality Policy (Annex-1 of the Quality Manual)