Advantages of heat-sealable films for food packaging

The key to a successful heatsealable packaging solution involves the choice of heatsealable films. These films, specifically adapted to withstand the conditions of the heat sealing process, are the ideal choice to ensure the integrity of products during storage and transport. But what are the main advantages of a heat seal packaging solution?

The combination of heat sealable films and trays in food packaging is not only a practical choice, but also offers numerous benefits that contribute to product quality and presentation.

Secure and resistant sealing: The heat seal provides a secure and resistant seal that protects food against moisture, oxygen and other external factors. By minimising exposure to external agents, the spoilage process is slowed down, allowing products to reach consumers in optimal condition.

Supply chain efficiency: Heat seal trays are easy to handle and pack, improving supply chain efficiency.

Personalisation and branding: Heat sealable film on trays allows for customisation and branding. Companies can print relevant information, such as logos, instructions for use or nutritional data, directly onto the film.

At Ttpack, we offer complete heat seal packaging solutions including flexible films and trays designed for use on automated lines, especially for MAP packaging.

Thanks to our co-extruded films with Blow/Cast and lamination technology, we now offer heat seal films with a thickness of 15 microns or more. We also have a wide range of trays in various sizes and formats, manufactured by injection moulding or forming processes.

In terms of heat seal films, we have special grades that allow us to provide the best packaging option for our customers. Our offer includes recyclable films, with high barrier, peelability, anti-fogging properties, among others.

If you are interested in finding out more about the characteristics of our film reels or the structure of the materials we use, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are committed to providing you with customised solutions that meet the highest standards of the heat seal packaging industry.