Food Packaging Company

Flexible Food Packaging


It was born in 1991 as a manufacturer of vacuum packaging bags for the first bell-type machines used in the meat industry.

The rapid growth, acceptance and development of new alternatives to bags for new, more industrialized systems led us from 2002 to specialization in Polymer materials (multilayer plastic films on reels) for packaging for Food and Medical use.

Envasados plásticos para alimentación

Currently, our film reels are used in automatic lines such as:

For MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) of: Meat (Pork, Beef, Poultry), Fish, Dairy Products, Cured and Cooked Meats, Bakery, etc.


Since 2002, all our materials come from the 3 Factories in Europe LIETPAK/HAFLIGER, of which we are the Commercial and Technical representatives for the Spanish market, offering a comprehensive packaging solution to all our customers.

Supply, Advice, Technical and Documentary Support

TTPACK has two warehouses in Aiguaviva, Girona, with a total area of approximately 3,000m2 and offices of 250m2 for the Quality, Technical, Commercial, and Administration departments.

Our two stock-holding warehouses for film supply allow us to offer all our customers a very important permanent safety stock and immediate availability for delivery within 24-48 hours.

TTPACK has all the necessary quality and food safety approvals required by our customers.