The importance of choosing the right thermoforming film

Selecting the appropriate film for thermoforming packaging is essential to ensure preservation, presentation, and production efficiency in packaging

In this regard, to maintain an effective production line and meet industry demands, it is crucial to understand the importance of film selection in the thermoforming process.

In choosing thermoforming film, it is fundamental to carefully consider the specific needs of each type of food to preserve freshness and product quality.

For example, fresh products like meat or fish require a film that offers excellent barriers against moisture and oxygen. This helps prevent bacterial proliferation and product deterioration, ensuring that the food reaches end consumers in good condition.

The versatility and adaptability of material structures in thermoformed packaging are crucial to ensure optimal protection and presentation of various foods. There is no one-size-fits-all approach for all products. Each type of food may demand a specific type of film, and material properties must meet particular needs.

Some products, for instance, may require films with shrink properties, puncture resistance, or printing capability. The adaptability of film coils thus becomes an important aspect to ensure that each product receives packaging tailored to its specific requirements.

Termoformado Termopack

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