What is skin packaging?

Skin packaging is a technique that uses a heat-shrinkable film to perfectly fit the contour of the product. This film is adhered to a printed tray or card, creating an airtight seal around the product. The term “skin” reflects how this film envelops the product like a second skin, enhancing its characteristics and shape.

The skin packaging technique provides an airtight barrier against moisture and oxygen, significantly extending the freshness of food products. This property is especially beneficial for perishable products, ensuring a longer shelf life and reducing food waste.

Skin packaging improves the visual presentation of food products by fitting like a second skin. It highlights the quality and freshness of the product, capturing the attention of consumers on the shelves. We should bear in mind that attractive presentation can positively influence purchasing decisions.

By adapting perfectly to the shape of the product, skin packaging minimises material waste. It uses only the amount necessary to achieve the desired presentation and protection, in line with sustainability principles.

  • Coextrusion options: With co-extruded film lines, we offer films for SKIN from 75 microns, sealing on different bases such as APET, PE, PP, and Carton Skin.
  • Special grades: Special grades such as recyclable and high barrier films are available, guaranteeing transparency and adaptability to the specific needs of each customer.

We offer material structures such as PE/EVOH/PE and PE/EVOH/PP, perfect for meat, fish and poultry products that require a longer shelf life, reducing storage and distribution problems.

Skin packaging is not just an aesthetic solution, but a comprehensive strategy that addresses the challenges of freshness, waste and consumer experience. With Ttpack, we explore customised options that are tailored to the specific needs of each client. We are committed to leading the way towards a future of more efficient, attractive and sustainable packaging.