Which are the main advantages of monomaterials?

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In the constant search for recyclable solutions in the packaging world, monomaterials have gained prominence and revolutionized the industry, offering a more sustainable and efficient alternative compared to conventional materials. What are monomaterials? Monomaterials are films made from a single type of polymer, unlike traditional materials that contain multiple layers with different properties and additional […]

What is MAP packaging?

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MAP packaging, which stands for Modified Atmosphere Packaging, is a packaging technique that involves the controlled manipulation of the atmosphere surrounding a food product within its sealed container. The main advantages of MAP packaging for food Unlike traditional packaging that simply contains food, MAP packaging replaces the air inside the package with a mixture of […]

What is barrier material, and how to choose a suitable one?

The food packaging film sector is characterized by a constant search for ensuring the quality and safety of packaged products. In this context, barrier material plays a fundamental role as an essential component in protecting the products. The importance of barrier material in food packaging Firstly, it’s important to understand what barrier material exactly means […]